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Service excellence is the foundation of all AmeriPark employees, from the newest hire to the CEO. All members of the AmeriPark team strive to exemplify the mission of “Winning Through Service” daily. That mission is consistently instilled and reinforced throughout all layers of the organization. AmeriPark realizes that it is their people that separate them from other Parking companies. AmeriPark truly believes in their behavioral based interviewing techniques that quickly determine whether or not an applicant has the service mentality to become part of the team.

Additionally, the company wholeheartedly believes in promoting from within the organization and with every additional contract, more opportunities are created. For example if one has a proclivity for Operations, he may wish to enter into the MAP (Manager Advancement Program); where this mentor based program will teach and refine the skills necessary for success within AmeriPark. As the company continues to grow, new challenges and positions are created with each step. There may be opportunity where least expected, but one will not discover that opportunity unless they are part of the team.

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