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Airport Parking Made Easy
A steady stream of traffic approaches the airport in a race for time. Up ahead the line to enter the parking garage extends in a long row of cars, promising a lengthy wait, followed by a frantic search for an empty spot, and a long walk with heavy luggage.

Fortunately, that hassle can be avoided, by heading for the clearly marked AirValet area at the terminal, where attentive AirValet staff stand ready to assist. Within moments luggage has been removed and keys entrusted to the Valet. Now on the way to the airline’s check-in, the traveler reflects on how precious time and energy have been saved – no searching for a parking space, no struggle with luggage, no deck number, lot section, or space number to be memorized – thanks to AirValet.

Winning through Service

AirValet understands that a trip begins and ends at the car door, and that parking can make the difference between a great trip or a poor one.

AirValet Services

  • AmeriPark Premium Curbside Valet – full-service, premium valet parking
  • Curbside check-in for easy departure
  • Vehicle secure day and night in a lot under 24-hour surveillance
  • Oil change and car care service (available at most locations)
  • Customized corporate VIP programs, with unique “Passport” packages and reserved company spots available
  • Discount packages for corporate, travel industry, and frequent customers

What Can We Do for You?
AirValet by AmeriPark made its debut at Birmingham International Airport in 1998, and soon expanded to Jacksonville International Airport. We have been creating return visits at these and other partner airports by increasing the service and safety level of airport parking and helping to alleviate congestion and traffic – in short, by promoting a positive image of the airport all the way to the curb.

Our Strategy
AirValet was created to be a win-win solution for both travelers and our partner airports. We achieve this goal by:

  • Making an excellent first and last impression and offering a real “sense of arrival” for busy travelers, through unparalleled warmth, welcome, assistance, and ease-of-use.
  • Translating a smooth and elegant beginning of a journey into enhancement of an airport’s level of customer service and security, for both parking service and the airport as a whole.
  • Creating return visits to the airport because, simply put, a satisfied traveler is a return traveler, one who has enjoyed the benefits of safety, security, value, and convenience.
  • Knowing the logistis and security issues of airport operations and incorporating these complex issues into our operations while maintaining great service.

What Makes AirValet Services So Special?
AirValet is a success because of its application of “Winning through Service,” by understanding travelers’ concerns and needs, and by respecting the value they expect for their money. We have created a valet parking solution for airports at only slightly more than the cost of traditional airport deck parking, yet offer a solution worth infinitely more in the benefits it offers.

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The key reason to partner with AirValet is the upfront and obvious – to give travelers a simple way to eliminate stress, save time, and enjoy wonderful personalized service. Yet there is more than this; the extra touches, the way our Valet Staff interacts with and cares for travelers, are what set AmeriPark apart from the ordinary. This is what we have built our reputation on, and this is what will make a visit to an airport with AirValet a memorable one. We at AirValet by AmeriPark look forward to each opportunity to display our special brand of “Winning through Service.”

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