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The Keys to Safety, Service, and Satisfaction
Healthcare facilities are constantly challenged to provide outstanding patient care and service at every level, in order to maintain their reputations in the eyes of patients and the community at large. That reputation begins at the front door, where AmeriPark’s turnkey, custom-designed solutions become a healthcare facility’s greatest asset.

Winning through Service
The cornerstone of our success is our excellent Valet Staff and their superb training at AmeriPark University. We conduct detailed instruction in the care and handling of patients, traffic management, security and emergency incident response and reporting. Our programs meet or exceed the industry standards of care and safety and are implemented in close cooperation with the facility’s own management, for smooth integration into the overall emergency, security, customer service, and environmental needs.

Parking Services for Healthcare Facilities

AmeriPark’s clear understanding of both patient and facility management needs is reflected in its wide variety of customizable services, including:

  • Parking Logistics Consulting
  • Master Lease and Full Outsourcing Services – Long-term profit sharing arrangements through lease or sale of parking facilities to AmeriPark
  • Front Door Services – Wheelchair assistance, direction and information assistance
  • AmeriPark Premium Valet Parking – Full-service, premium valet parking
  • Traffic Management
  • Shuttle Services
  • Porter/Attendant Services for Lots and Garages
  • Preferred Parking Areas – Fee-based self-parking in gated, select areas
  • Metered Parking, Coin-Box, and Electronic “Pay and Display” systems

What Can We Do for You?
In our hometown of Atlanta, several healthcare facilities continue to benefit from rewarding partnerships with us, through our commitment to:

  • Provide all equipment and incidentals as standard service: shuttle service and drivers, signage, radios, traffic devices, even umbrellas in case of rain.
  • Operate a 24-hour emergency response system as a backup to our excellent on-site system.
  • Carry complete liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

Our Strategy
AmeriPark has leveraged years of leadership experience in the parking services industry into superior parking solutions for healthcare facilities by:

  • Creating a safe, secure, and comfortable interface to the outside world at the facility’s front door.
  • Providing a sense of well-being and welcome for patients and their families and visitors.
  • Consolidating parking services into a single source, with the goal of reducing worry and expense for the facility’s management.
  • Responding positively to overcome the limitations of the following “givens” in the healthcare parking industry:
    • A battle a gainst rising costs and capital expenditures
    • Increased traffic, in number of patients, visitors, and hospital guests
    • Requirements for convenience and ADAcompliance in design of parking sites and access routes
    • Lack of spaces and difficulty in parking in many parking venues

We stand solidly behind our proven approach to service and superb hospitality. Each site-specific solution that we create for a client in the healthcare industry reflects our dedication to maximizing the facility’s safety, procedural soundness, and image perception, and yields satisfied patients and guests, low overhead expenditures, and strong partnerships.

Our Core Services
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Get To Know Our People
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The extra touches, the way our Valet Staff interacts with and cares for patients and guests, are what set AmeriPark apart from the ordinary. We believe that as a result of their in-depth training at AmeriPark University, our Staff can provide much more than valet service; indeed, they are “Ambassadors,” both of our company and the healthcare facility, welcoming patients and guests, and offering guidance and assistance – moving beyond just parking cars. This is the foundation on which our reputation stands. We look forward to providing you with a free consultation to demonstrate how a partnership with AmeriPark becomes a win/win situation for your facility, your patients, and their guests and visitors.

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