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The Keys to Profitability
Traditional parking companies focus on asset management, and generally have low customer “touch.” Occupancy rate is their key business metric, which is driven by price and location – often falling short when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

Winning through Service
AmeriPark’s approach is different. We excel at people management, give a very high customer “touch,”and create sophisticated systems that enhance customer service. Like our competitors, we focus on driving the value of a parking asset; unlike our competitors, we are driven by service.

Our offerings form a complete spectrum of parking management, from consulting for new (parking) developments, to providing traditional parking facility management services, all the way through to master leasing and acquisition of properties.

AmeriPark is prepared to participate in numerous ways, with the aim of generating value for our clients. By clearly understanding our clients’ goals, we excel at finding the best way to generate solid returns with any type of parking facility.

Parking Management Services

  • Parking Logistics Consulting – Detailed research and analysis on maintenance costs, revenue projections, car count audits, pricing surveys, and other key metrics are packaged in a thorough, customized report or presentation from AmeriPark.
  • Attended Parking Services – Bright, clean, and secure parking facilities are staffed with excellent individuals and bolstered by unique concepts, like AmeriPark Preferred Parking (fee-based self-parking in gated, select areas) and customized Marketing Services (VIP and Corporate programs, and co marketing, special events coordination, and promotional “ticket space” for nearby establishments, retailers, and vendors).
  • Parking Meters, Coin Boxes, and Electronic “Pay and Display” Systems – Installation of various types of self-pay systems in parking facilities are based on demographic, location, traffic volume, and image needs.
  • Enforcement and Collection: We take an active role in monitoring and ticketing parking violations, and onsite revenue collection.
  • Master Leasing – For a garage, valet parking lot, or any type of facility – AmeriPark assumes complete responsibility for operation and revenue generation, yet ownership of the facility remains with the client.
  • Full Outsourcing – AmeriPark can manage the facility and maximize profits, in this case by purchasing the facility and creating a revenue-sharing partnership with the original owner – combining the benefit of a Master Lease with immediate cash flow potential.

What Can We Do for You?
AmeriPark’s Parking Management Services rely on our keen understanding of local markets to provide an economic and competitive advantage. We offer a superior level of profitability because of our focus on service. So when AmeriPark manages a parking facility, it becomes a partnership for growing your business. At a glance, choosing AmeriPark allows you to:

  • Increase security and peace of mind for clients and guests
  • Strengthen systems for revenue tracking and metrics analysis
  • Enhance the service level of the property
  • Contribute to maximizing revenue growth and financial performance
  • Promote the parking facility’s reputation and visibility

Our Strategy
We offer our clients a carefully crafted strategy that produces guaranteed results. We do this for you by:

  • Translating good service into additional management contracts
  • Focusing on securing stable, corporate monthly accounts - booking in large quantities, offering the benefits of economy of scale, and a secure revenue stream
  • Deflecting worry and pressure from clients, minimizing headaches, and increasing the bottom line
  • Answering questions for our clients, such as:
    • How can I generate a steady flow of return visitors and revenue?
    • How do I handle complicated parking logistics, traffic flow, and other management issues?

To achieve this we stand solidly behind our proven approach to service and reliability. Our policy of free consultations allows us to design a custom solution based on the specific needs of each of our clients. The end result reflects our dedication to maximizing the facility’s revenue potential, no matter what degree of management role we take, and yields enlarged profits and strong partnerships.

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The extra touches, the way we meet the needs of our clients, are what set AmeriPark apart from the ordinary. This is what we have built our reputation on, and this is what makes parking facilities under our management consistently profitable. Once a solution by AmeriPark is in place, you will instantly recognize and appreciate the increased service level and revenue opportunities that a partnership with AmeriPark affords. We look forward to providing you with a free
consultation, to demonstrate how a partnership with AmeriPark effortlessly becomes a win/win situation.

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