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AmeriPark Lets Guests Forget about Keys, and Focus on Shopping
A successful shopping experience is much more than just a consumer transaction. At its best, it can be entertaining, stimulating, and offer guests a venue to forget everyday worries and lift their spirits.When their needs are recognized and met in this manner, guests are encouraged to linger and shop more.

Winning through Service
AmeriPark’s Valet Staff excel at offering a superior level of guest treatment. Our Staff put into practice an idea we call “Winning through Service,” an attitude of exceeding both the shopper’s and the property manager’s expectations. The addition of AmeriPark Valet at a retail site adds options and convenience for the shopper, as our Staff can assist with handling purchases and give shoppers information and direction. In addition to Valet parking, AmeriPark offers other parking management solutions that may fit your situation, from parking meters to full outsourcing. These are just a few of the many ways a partnership with us assists you in growing your business and better meeting the needs of your guests.

Retail Parking Services

  • AmeriPark Premium Curbside Valet Service –
    Full-service, premium valet parking
  • Parking Logistics Consulting – Detailed research and analysis on maintenance costs, revenue projections, car count audits, pricing surveys, and other key metrics are packaged in a thorough, customized report or presentation from AmeriPark.
  • Attended Parking Services – Bright, clean, and secure parking facilities are staffed with reliable, friendly individuals and bolstered by unique concepts, like AmeriPark Preferred Parking (fee-based self-parking in gated, select areas).
  • Coin-Box, Metered Parking, and Electronic “Pay and Display” Self-Pay Systems
  • Customized Marketing Services – VIP and Corporate programs, special events coordination, and sponsored “ticket space” for retailers or vendors.
  • Master Leasing and Full Outsourcing – Long-term profit sharing arrangements through lease or sale of parking facilities to AmeriPark.

What Can We Do for You?
Partnering with AmeriPark for parking management can provide many benefits for retailers:

  • Increase security and peace of mind for guests
  • Offer convenience and assistance in directing guests, and managing shopping bags and packages
  • Give an air of refinement, what we at AmeriPark call a “sense of arrival”
  • Enhance the service level of the property
  • Translate good service into additional purchases, through extra time spent shopping and return visits to the establishment
  • Contribute towards maximizing revenue growth

Our Strategy
We offer our clients a carefully crafted strategy that goes into motion the moment the guest arrives, and produces a satisfied customer who leaves with a positive experience. We do this for you by:

  • Creating a lasting first impression (the most important impression) for the venue.
  • Allowing the retail manager to focus on retail operations – so his or her only parking concern is the added revenue and image promotion that AmeriPark‘s services generate.
  • Devising successful “cross-marketing” programs with retailers through our “Valet Advantage” discount program, lot sponsorship opportunities, and promotional messaging on valet coupons.
  • Answering questions for our clients, such as:
    • How can I drive revenue from my parking spaces?
    • How do I want guests to be greeted?
    • What information is necessary for informed parking service staff?
    • How can I create a seamless flow from the outer service of the valet to the inner service of the retail establishment?
    • How do I handle complicated parking logistics, traffic flow, and guest management?

To achieve this we stand solidly behind our proven approach to service and superb hospitality. Our policy of free consultations allows us to design a custom solution based on the specific needs of each of our clients.

The end result is a site-specific plan reflecting our dedication to maximizing revenue potential and image perception, which yields pampered guests, enlarged profits, and strong partnerships with retail operators and developers.

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Get To Know Our People
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The extra touches, the way our Staff interact with those they serve, are what set AmeriPark apart from the ordinary. We believe that as a result of their in-depth training at AmeriPark University, our Staff can offer much more than the typical valet service; indeed, they are “Ambassadors,” both of our company and the establishment, welcoming shoppers, and offering guidance and assistance –moving beyond just parking cars. This is what we have built our reputation on, and this is what will make a visit to your retail establishment stand alone in the minds of your guests. Once a solution by AmeriPark is in place, you will instantly recognize and appreciate the increased service level and revenue opportunities that a partnership with AmeriPark affords. We look forward to providing you with a free consultation, to demonstrate how a partnership with AmeriPark effortlessly becomes a win/win situation for you and for your guests.

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