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Services: Overview
AmeriPark is a full service parking company providing valet and parking related services within select, major markets across the United States. We consider ourselves a boutique provider for a multitude of product types including: casinos and gaming facilities, mixed-use facilities, hotels, malls and retail centers, hospitals and medical centers, entertainment complexes and arenas, residential buildings and office buildings, airports, and restaurants. AmeriPark offers our clients a national operating capability that provides a single point of contact and portfolio based accounting, reporting, and customer service sytems.

AmeriPark can provide for you a customized parking solution for your location, based upon your specific needs. We provide services such as:
  • Parking Management AmeriPark can provide all required equipment, personnel, and technology to actively manage all charged self parking scenarios, from parking lots to the most complex parking structures.
  • Valet Parking AmeriPark specializes in valet parking services, providing all necessary personnel, equipment, insurance, and training for a first-class service operation. AmeriPark valets park in excess of 5 million cars each year on behalf of our clients.
  • Ambassador Services/Traffic Management AmeriPark can provide additional staff to assist your property with additional hospitality based programs, designed to extend the service experience while solving other customer and operational issues.
  • Shuttle/Trolley Services AmeriPark can provide the required vehicles, as well as the labor and all materials and maintenance needed for such a service. AmeriPark has provided these transportation services to both customers of facilities and/or their employees.
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