About Us: Our People

Our People

The Best Team, Period

What distinguishes us from other parking management companies? An amazing staff. From our screening process to our extensive training program to our real-time monitoring and evaluation, we are always striving to have the best team in the business.

Strict hiring standards and comprehensive training at AmeriPark University

We maintain a rigid policy for recruiting, screening and selecting candidates. Our screening process includes behavioral interviews, a driving test, a DMV record check, and a criminal background check. 

Upon hiring, each valet receives more than eight hours of training that combines classroom study with on-the-job work. Each valet then enters the AmeriPark University training program to focus on guest service, communication skills, and additional training on valet operations.

Preparation and a sharp appearance

With their distinctive AmeriPark uniforms, our courteous valet staff always maintains a professional appearance. In addition, we provide all equipment and incidentals as standard elements of our services.

Feedback and Peace of Mind

AmeriPark constantly monitors our service through multiple channels, including a Mystery Guest evaluation program, real-time guest survey results through our valet technology system, and a 24-hour emergency feedback and response system. You also get the peace of mind of knowing all services and operations are fully covered by industry leading insurance coverages.