• Leadership Lessons from a Wolf Pack

    Posted on Aug 16, 2018

    A wolf pack: the first three are the old or sick... I can’t remember a week going by where I haven’t seen this posted on LinkedIn. Basically stated, the first three of the pack, the elderly and wounded, lead to set the pace and prepare to be sacrificed in case of attack, while the alpha controls the pack from the rear. While an interesting interpretation and analogy, it is completely inaccurate. The photo was taken by Chadden Hunter and featured in the BBC Frozen Planet documentary. According to Hunter, the alpha female leads the pack and the rest of the wolves follow in her tracks to save ene...

  • Citizens Insider: Maurice Savage

    Posted on Aug 14, 2018

    Lanier Parking aims to go above and beyond in providing the best experience for our parkers. When we first moved to the Baltimore area in 2016, that mindset of excellence expanded with new territory and new employees. Maurice Savage joined the Lanier team as a Parking Attendant at the 30 Light Street garage in Baltimore in September of 2016. In this role, it’s clear that Maurice thoroughly enjoys interacting with customers, as he always provides a wave and a smile, striving each day to set a high standard for the Lanier name and to set us apart from our competitors. He challenges himself each ...

  • 35 Parking Managers Enrolled into CPP Program

    Posted on Aug 10, 2018

    Citizens Parking is pleased to announce that 35 of its regional and field managers, including 25 municipal program managers, were recently enrolled in the Certified Parking Professional (CPP) program through the National Parking Association (NPA).  The Certified Parking Professional (CPP) program is one of the leading credentials in the parking industry.  Through the CPP program, Citizens Parking managers can: Further demonstrate their commitment to the parking profession; Pursue greater career opportunities and personal advancement; Gain recognition for their accomplishments and abili...

  • Citizens Insider: Justin Dahlgren

    Posted on Aug 07, 2018

    Happy work anniversary to Regional Manager Justin Dahlgren! This month, Justin has officially been with AmeriPark for 18 years. Over this time, Justin has moved up in ranks from a valet attendant when he was in college, to self-parking management in 2009, to his current position of Regional Manager. If you were to ask Justin about his favorite aspect of working at AmeriPark, he’d answer the opportunity for growth, which is aptly demonstrated by his career path. Justin candidly says that, as a college student seeking part-time employment, he had no intentions of establishing a career in the par...

  • Citizens Insider: Stephanie Reynolds

    Posted on Jul 31, 2018

    Stephanie Reynolds, our “gem,” has been a Lanier employee for over a decade. She began her career with Lanier as a cashier at the James Center in Richmond, Virginia and later transferred to her current position at Riverfront Plaza. When asked about her favorite aspect of being a Lanier employee, Stephanie will tell you plain and simple—it’s the people. She loves meeting new people each and every day, and greeting other employees as they arrive every morning. According to her manager, Carolyn Yancey, everyone that interacts with Stephanie feels the same way about her, “If Stephanie is out for a...

  • Being on the Bleeding Edge without Bleeding Out

    Posted on Jul 24, 2018

    Being on the Bleeding Edge without Bleeding Out: Properly Preparing your Parking Asset for the Future By: Cody Shealy, Vice President - Strategic Initiatives For years, the parking and transportation industry remained relatively unchanged with what was usually small and gradual technology improvements. Fast forward to today: the transportation ecosystem around us is evolving more quickly than many can keep up. Uber and Lyft vehicles are crawling all over metropolitan areas, shifting the demand model of parking. Peer-to-Peer bike and scooter rentals are popping up literally overnigh...

  • Driving Success: Desert Hills Premium Outlets

    Posted on Jul 19, 2018

    We are excited to announce that AmeriPark won the parking management contract at Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon, California. Our Southern California team leveraged their vast retail expertise and experience in the market to help secure this win! Surrounded by area attractions such as spas, golf courses, and outdoor adventure venues, Desert Hills Premium Outlets is home to the largest collection of luxury outlets in California. We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Simon Properties at this esteemed location!

  • The Little Things in Parking

    Posted on Jul 11, 2018

    The Little Things in Parking By: Steven Taff, Region Vice President Why do Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, and Serena Williams dominate their sports and their opponents? Is it raw talent? Is it will? Of course, some of it is. But from Tom Brady's meticulous diet to Roger Federer's 12 hours of sleep per night, there's no denying that a key component of the success of these iconic athletes is their attention to the little things. Diet, sleep, hydration, recovery, even posture--they focus on every little detail in their practice and preparation. In the words of the late John Wooden, ...

  • Driving Success: City of Newport Beach, CA

    Posted on Jul 10, 2018

    Building on our excellent reputation and rapidly expanding footprint in public-sector parking, including operating under multiple Citizens Parking brands, AmeriPark was recently awarded the contract for parking management & enforcement services for the City of Newport Beach, CA.  In awarding this coveted contract to AmeriPark, the City’s goals included the enforcement of parking regulations in compliance with its municipal code, providing the highest level of customer service and experience to the public, ensuring overall management, maintenance and collections of its parking meters and pay st...

  • Bobby Ralston is Regional Vice President

    Posted on Jun 29, 2018

    Congratulations to Bobby Ralston on his promotion to Regional Vice President!   Bobby joined the AmeriPark team in 2010 as a Valet Attendant. Over the years, Bobby rose through the ranks with titles and responsibilities of increasing capacities, leading to his current position of Regional Vice President. In this role, Bobby oversees AmeriPark operations in Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, and Georgia—totaling more than 70 locations.   Bobby’s experience in various facets of the parking industry lends him valuable skills in both operations and management. We look forward to ...