Citizen Insider: Dorrian Green

Dorrian Greene is a natural born leader and is exactly what AmeriPark looks for when hiring someone who can command a team. Dorrian is the Senior Operations Manager of Greenville Spartanburg Airport. Dorrian understands that his team is an essential part of the operations for an airport, the transition from a customer’s trip to the car door can be a crucial part of the experience.

Dorrian started working at AmeriPark seven years ago, with a small break to serve in the North Carolina National Guard, which that Dorrian still serves today. When Dorrian started his career path at AmeriPark he interviewed with Joe Camarata. Joe saw a true leader, “Dorrian is exactly what you ask for in a leader within our company. His loyalty is worn on his sleeve not only for AmeriPark, but for any and all of its employees. Many times I have witnessed him having personal conversations, or giving a helping hand to an employee who needs extra encouragement or relief. The fact that Dorrian is a veteran makes me even prouder to have him on my team. He is and will continue to be a huge asset for the AmeriPark team!”

Dorrian’s success is about standing to attention, “Hard work and dedication, I got my first advancement with the company by hustling when needed, and when someone called out I was there ready to answer.” Dorrian’s advancement at AmeriPark is also entangled in his need to see others prosper, guest or employee, “Serving others, I enjoy making guest’s days better with caring interactions. Seeing employees advance in their careers, it’s an honor to know that I gave someone the tools to better themselves at their next job and in life.”

When Dorrian isn’t at AmeriPark he can be found with his 2 year old son, “Being a father is my joy! Seeing the joy and excitement on his face while he plays and grows is everything to me.”

Thank you Dorrian for serving our country, and dedicating hard work to AmeriPark and Citizens Lanier Holdings. #love2park

Posted on Aug 10, 2017