Employee Spotlight: Michael Roseberry

We would like to focus on an outstanding, AmeriPark employee who exemplifies a work ethic that is motivated by a challenge. Michael Roseberry started as a Valet for AmeriPark at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and was soon promoted to Shift Leader and completed AmeriPark’s Leadership Development Course. He is now a Manager of Operations of the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

The AmeriPark Leadership Development Course, is an intensive 3 month curriculum program providing candidates with real experience in Management, Training and Development, Parking Software Training, Parking Business Analytics and Leadership Skills. As part of the program, Michael also completed 20 hours of community service at the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, and also faced his fear of public speaking. When asked about the most difficult part and the best part of the course, Michael stated, “The hardest part was my best part; fear of public speaking. That’s what they taught me, a manager should be able to direct their team. Go out and speak about what you’ve learned.”

Travis Larrison, Regional Vice President at AmeriPark said, “His methodical approach to training stands out – he hits everything on the training. He is respected by his peers, and his direct reports.” Due to Michael’s excellent training skills he has assisted at several locations along the East Coast. When asked about Michael’s work ethic, Joe Camarata, Area Manager, praised him by saying, “Mike is a manager’s dream. He takes anything you give him and perfects it. That covers all aspects. If he needs improving he will dive in and make those improvements. He is always pushing himself to be better.”

Michael loves a challenge. He has participated in Ironman, and is currently raising money to compete in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Michael has been picked as one of only two people from his state to join the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Michael’s drive to be a part of the triathlon is a part of a greater cause; the Travis Manion Foundation, which supports families of fallen veterans, and works to transition veterans back into society with fulfilling work and lives.

Michael is an employee that enjoys a challenge. “It grows you as a successful candidate for more challenges.” According to Michael, “People get complacent, but you’re not growing if you’re not challenging yourself, putting yourself out there, and taking yourself out of that comfort zone, work related or personal.”

Keep up the good work, Michael, and good luck in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon!

  If you are interested in finding out more about the Travis Manion Foundation or Michael’s fundraising efforts, click here.

Posted in Love To Park on Feb 17, 2017