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Instructions and resources for administering the work comp process at AmeriPark can be found here.

Proper management of work comp cases is not only required by law but also shows the employee that we are concerned for their well-being. All AmeriPark employees are covered under Worker's Compensation insurance. Anyone in leadership who has oversight responsibilities should be familiar with the processes. Due to local and federal government oversight of workplace injuries, work comp claims must be reported in accordance with each states directives. There should be no short cuts taken when dealing with work comp claims. If ever in doubt, please contact HR at 404-890-7362. In many cases, the forms will be completed by the carrier when called in, please confirm with the carrier representative when reporting the claim of any additional reporting you may need to complete.

Managing a work comp claim does not have to be intimidating. If you follow the steps listed, anyone in a leadership role can do this without too much cause for stress. First and foremost, we should always be working to prevent workplace accidents. This can be accomplished by having regular safety meetings, safety inspections, and by promoting general safety awareness at your location. Anytime a safety concern is recognized, either through safety inspections or through meetings, it is your responsibility to report these findings to your direct supervisor and in cases where danger is impending, take action to mitigate any potential injury.

Dealing with injuries

  1. Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. will assume responsibility for all new AmeriPark workers’ compensation, auto liability and general liability claims effective October 1, 2015.
  2. The Claim Reporting Toll Free telephone number is 1-866-365-3135. AmeriPark contract number 6455-0004.
  3. When AmeriPark locations report a claim, the following information should be provided:
    • Date of the injury or incident
    • Location of the injury or incident and contact information
    • Injured worker or claimant name and contact information
    • Description of injury or incident
    • Name and contact information for person reporting the injury or incident
  4. The claim will be assigned to the appropriate service office. A service office representative will be assigned to process and manage the claim. Severe cases include: excessive bleeding, lacerations, loss of consciousness, broken limbs or appendage and any situation where professional medical care is required. In such cases where professional medical care is required, determine whether or not an ambulance is required and if so, call 911 immediately. If the injury is severe but non-life threatening, transport the injured worker to the designated medical facility in your area. A list of the facilities for your area is listed below.

    In cases where the injured party needs to visit a medical facility, they must be accompanied by a supervisor if they have not already left the premises. In all instances, the injured worker is to be provided proper documentation before they go to medical facility. Injured workers in California must be provided a completed copy of Form DWC-1 and that should be carried with them to the facility. The DWC-1 form is part of the paperwork listed in the 1st report of injury for California. Other states may have similar requirements, be sure to complete all the paperwork required for your state in the 1st Report of Injury section.

    Reporting Injuries

  5. First Aid and Declined Treatment

    In cases where either the injury can be treated through first aid or the injured worker declines treatment altogether, we must obtain a declination of treatment form. A printable declination form is provided below. First Aid Claims and Declinations should not be called in to carrier. Once you complete this form, send it in to AmeriPark HR. Fax to: 866.579.8615 or scan and email to hr@ameripark.com

  6. Complete a 1st Report of Injury for your state with the carrier representative and complete an internal accident report. Both are found below. Always report injuries and document. Email notification of injury to hr@ameripark.com

    Click here for printable declination and first aid form.

    Click here for California MPN locations.

    Click here to access your state specific injury report (1st report of injury) DWC-1 included for CA.

    Preferred Medical Locations - click drop-down box below to find the center closest to you.

    See an error? Please send an email to hr@ameripark.com