With 40+ years in healthcare parking, valet, and shuttle services, AmeriPark ensures the best experience for your patients with every visit.


We provide parking, valet, and shuttle services to healthcare sites across North America. In addition to implementing parking management best practices, we adapt our services to craft a superior healthcare experience for your patients from the moment they arrive.


We are committed to providing easy, safe, and stress-free parking. We deliver a superior patient parking experience that supports the objective and reputation of healthcare providers.

We have developed a deep understanding of the unique operational challenges facing healthcare campuses: appropriately responding to anxious patients and visitors, maintaining patient safety, and the need for efficient allocation of valuable parking resources while ensuring staff and physicians quickly get to where they are most effective. We combine this operational awareness with a profound belief that the care environment should extend past the walls of the medical facility, to the parking lot and beyond.


AmeriPark creates value at your healthcare institution by engaging best-in-class valet services to maximize your parking capacity, ease the patient experience, and boost your revenue. Our highly trained service ambassadors facilitate prompt patient care, saving valuable time for your patients, visitors, and healthcare staff.

Like all our parking solutions, we tailor our valet service to your facility’s unique needs and challenges. Plus, we manage every aspect of service delivery, including signage, infection control, and technology operations.

To reduce bacterial transfer and simplify the patient experience, AmeriPark Valet Services can be operated entirely in a contactless format through the O-Valet app. From their mobile phone, patients can request their vehicle, track progress, and synchronize vehicle delivery with their departure from the hospital.

Case Studies

Discover how AmeriPark and the Reimagined Parking family of brands improves the patient parking experience!

Regions Hospital

Regions Hospital

Find out how we improved site accessibility with shuttle services and increased meter revenue by 100%.

Cook County

John H. Stroger Hospital

Find out how we increased daily parking capacity by 31% and improved overall patient satisfaction.