Services: Healthcare


Safety, Service And Satisfaction

Your healthcare facility's reputation for outstanding patient care begins at the front door. That's where AmeriPark’s turnkey, custom-designed solutions can be your greatest asset.

Count on our excellent valet staff trained at AmeriPark University. They're well versed in the care and handling of patients, traffic management, security, and emergency incident response and reporting. Our programs meet or exceed industry standards of care and safety, and are implemented in close cooperation with your management team. This ensures smooth integration with your emergency, security, customer service, and environmental needs.

Healthcare Services:

  • Parking logistics consultation
  • Front-door services, including wheelchair assistance, directions, and information assistance
  • AmeriPark premium valet parking
  • Traffic management
  • Shuttle services
  • Parking management services for lots and garages
  • Preferred parking areas
  • Metered parking, coin-box, and electronic pay-and-display systems

What Can We Do for You?

Nationwide, numerous healthcare facilities continue to benefit from rewarding partnerships with us, through our commitment to:

  • Provide all equipment and incidentals as standard service: shuttle service and drivers, signage, radios, traffic devices, even umbrellas in case of rain.
  • Operate a 24-hour emergency response system as a backup to our excellent on-site system.
  • Carry complete liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage.